Surrey Swing Dance Society
Get fit the fun way...
Our classes are fun and instructive. Classes progress each week so that you can build up a portfolio of moves, whilst learning how to lead and follow your partner in the correct manner.

We cater for absolute beginners and intermediate level are also welcome.

Our intermediates classes are pure fun and you'll learn great moves whilst enjoying the atmosphere and listening to great music.
Bring casual clothing, flat soled shoes and a sense of fun, we'll provide the rest!

Our classes cost 10 per person for the evening or you can get a discount for the whole course.
Alternatively you may purchase a loyalty card for stroll classes.


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CLASS VENUE DAY Beginners Intermediates Comments
Beginners / Inters Jive Course Fairlands Community Centre Wednesday 8.00pm - 9.30pm 8.00pm - 9.30pm Open
29th Sept  - 20th Oct
Improvers Intermediates Comments
Lindy Hop Course - - - - - -
CLASS VENUE DAY Class Freestyle Comments
Stroll Class Fairlands Community Centre
Thursday 8.00pm   Open
Stroll Classes

A stroll is a fun choreographed group dance to swing music; no prior dance experience is needed, and no partner is required as it is a solo effort. Examples are the Rock'n'roll stroll and the Shim Sham.
Lindy Hop Classes
Lindy Hop is a fun and energetic dance from the 1920's that has endured the test of time.

Complete Beginners
No experience needed; new people can turn up any week.

Standard technique; you should be familiar with 6 & 8 count footwork.

Spruce up your moves; you should be familiar with Charleston, Swing Out, Circle & Lindy Turn.
Jive Courses
Jive is an almalgam of Swing and latin dance moves; we teach to traditional swing and modern music.

Easy to learn moves; no prior dance experience is needed, you can join at any time.

You should have attended at least 2 courses; variations of standard moves and new patterns for you to enjoy
Surrey Swing Classes